Illustration by @isseyillustrates
Emmanuel Edeh is a Nigerian-born, multidisciplinary illustrator, raised in Italy and now living in London. He studied animation from the London University of Arts and went on to create a rich background spanning marketing, production, animation direction, and digital coloring, bringing a unique blend of skills to the canvas.
Emmanuel has made impactful stops at Creative Orchestra, Made Visual Studios, where he honed his animation and direction skills. Agile Films provided a canvas for his digital coloring expertise. Notably, he’s also served as an art assistant to the internationally acclaimed illustrator Jim Field in France.
Emmanuel’s art is more than just visuals; it's a powerful tool for processing and sharing the experiences of a Black global citizen. Themes like duality of thought, identity crises, and social anxiety emerge from a journey marked by the struggle to fit into exclusive spaces. Influenced by a mosaic of cultures, his personal character mirrors the diverse world they create through illustrations. His work spotlights black children, travel, and multilingualism, dismantling cultural barriers and offering a gateway to diverse cultures, ideas, and values.